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Knocked Loose is an American hardcore punk band from Oldham County, Kentucky, formed in 2013 and currently signed to Pure Noise Records. The band released its first studio album, Laugh Tracks, in September 2016 through Pure Noise Records Buy Knocked Loose Merch Here

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Knocked Loose wanted to try something new with A Tear in the Fabric of Life. Or perhaps they were made to. Due to quarantine, the band’s extended tour schedule—”we’ve kind of been continually on the road since 2014,” says frontman Bryan Garris—was disrupted, and in early 2020, they were imprisoned in Oldham County, Ky., which is where they are from, not far from Louisville. By the end of June, they were holed up in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, working on a concept album. End of September marked the completion of recording.

The result is a six song EP that develops the storylines hinted at on their 2019 full-length, A Different Shade of Blue, while expanding on them sonically. It’s the group’s most dynamic and constrained release to date, and it’s a delicate balancing act: a mid-length EP with lofty goals and a wide scope, one that’s packed with fresh sonic components and a unified aesthetic while maintaining Knocked Loose’s renowned anthemic delivery.

Knocked Loose Merch

Musical style

Knocked Loose have been categorized under several sub-genres by the media and publications alike, including metalcore, hardcore punk, and beatdown hardcore. New Noise, when reviewing their debut album Laugh Tracks, described the band’s sound as being akin to “Comeback Kid at their heaviest with some added doses of Slayer riffs and Code Orange-style malice”.

Bryan Garris, the band’s lead vocalist, has described their sound as being “sandwiched between hardcore and metalcore”, although he has stated that the band’s intention was to produce a diverse sound that was difficult to categorize. Knocked Loose have been credited as one of the forerunners of the first-wave metalcore “revival” scene of the late 2010s, alongside bands such as Code Orange, Counterparts, Kublai Khan, Varials and Jesus Piece .

As is common within the metalcore and hardcore punk genres, Knocked Loose incorporate slow-tempo breakdowns into their music.

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