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Also, it’s pretty violent. The songs describe the tale of a road trip gone bad, complete with fatal automobile accident, deceased passenger, survivors’ guilt, and a final reunion. The narrative then continues musically. The songs relate to one another and were written in the right order. The radio flipping background noise on the album’s first track, “Where Light Divides the Holler,” gives way to a rough, violent breakdown.

The final song, “Permanent,” is heartbreaking and concludes with a grand ring-out that sounds almost like a soundtrack. New elements, such as guitars that drone out, radio interludes, and vocal-only suites, are interspersed amid the instant heaviness that Knocked Loose fans have come to anticipate. It’s hardcore with a stronger death metal influence, according to Garris. The new sounds the band never tried before have the goal, guitarist Isaac Hale says, of making everything sound “more extreme and abrasive.” Buy Knocked Loose Merch Here. Blog

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Knocked Loose Histroy

Knocked Loose’s career in its current form began in 2013, but Garris has stated that he started playing with several of the band’s current members in 2011 or 2012.

Their first studio material was an EP titled Pop Culture, released in 2014 on Little Heart Records.

In 2015, Knocked Loose released a split with Damaged Goods on No Luck Records (and digitally via Little Heart).

In the Spring of 2016, Knocked Loose supported Counterparts on their headlining tour. Gideon & Expire also joined up as support. The band then embarked on a Summer tour supporting The Acacia Strain on their 2016 Common Vision Tour. Oceano, Culture Killer and To the Wind also joined up on the tour.[ Then in the fall, the band supported Stick to Your Guns on their Better Ash than Dust tour. Stray from the Path and Expire joined up on the lineup as support.

In 2016, the band announced their first studio album, titled Laugh Tracks, would be released by Pure Noise Records, who they had signed to earlier that year. The album was released on September 16, 2016. On August 9, 2016, Knocked Loose premiered a new song off their upcoming album titled Oblivions Peak. On May 31, 2017, the band released a music video for two combined songs from Laugh Tracks, “Billy No Mates / Counting Worms”, with the video beginning with Billy No Mates and instantaneously moving into Counting Worms.

Knocked Loose went on a late Summer headliner with Gatecreeper, Magnitude and Kharma. The band then opened up for Gojira on their Fall 2021 tour with Alien Weaponry.

In October 2021, the band, without any prior notice, released their EP A Tear In The Fabric Of Life. The concept record documents the “story of someone wading through ‘extreme grief'”. An animated short film, which accompanies the entire span of the EP, was released at the same time. It was directed by swedish Director Magnus Jonsson. The release, as well as the short film, gained mostly positive reviews. Its song “God Knows” was elected by Loudwire as the 30th best metal song of 2021.