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Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris & Isaac Hale discuss their 10 favorite albums of 2022

Members of Knocked Loose Bryan Garris (vocals) and Isaac Hale (guitar, backing vocals) have both shared lists of their top ten albums from the year 2022 with us. The Flex, Age of Apocalypse, Soul Blind, Speed, Vomit Forth, Taylor & Colin Young’s new band Deadbody, country singer (and fellow Kentucky artist) Tyler Childers, and other acts are on Bryan’s list, along with Inclination, in which Isaac also performs.

Along with the Foreign Hands EP that he helped create, Isaac’s list includes harsher music like Terror, Volcano, Gridiron, and others as well as poppier music like The 1975 and MUNA. Isaac and Bryan both chose Ethel Cain. View both lists, along with explanations of each selection, below.

Knocked Loose last released their A Tear in the Fabric of Life EP in 2021. They also toured a lot this year and have more shows coming up, including a 10th anniversary set at hometown festival LDB Fest, Atlantic City’s new Adjacent Festival, Florida’s Welcome to Rockville, and more.

Isaac and Bryan also both play in the straightedge hardcore band XweaponX, who released their demo this year.

Bryan Garris’ 10 Favorite Albums of 2022

1. Number one is Ethel Cain’s Preachers Daughter. This made a lot of people’s list and if it isn’t on yours then you’re messing up. Beautiful, haunting, creative, and unique. I’m a die hard.

. Number two is the The Flex’s Chewing Gum for the Ears. Classic Lockin’ Out sound. Pissed off and energetic. Got to catch them at Outbreak fest and they crushed.

3. Number three is Age of Apocalypse’s Grim Wisdom. The second I found this band it was my most listened to artist through out all of quarantine. And they kept it up into their first full length. Love the sound. Something so awesome to me about a heavy moshy band with contrasting vocals. Like Life of Agony, Only Living Witness, etc.

4. Number four goes to our new friends in Soul Blind with their debut album Feel It All Around. There are a lot of bands in this lane but they still have a nostalgic take on something no one else is tapping into. It’s awesome to see their current take on music that feels familiar.

5. Number five is Tyler Childers’ brand new album Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? The guy can do no wrong. Kentucky native and I hope that means we cross paths one day. Been a fan for a long time.

6. Sixth place is the band everyone’s talking about, Speed. Met their guitar player and drummer years ago when we toured with their first band so I’ve been lucky enough to follow them since their demo. But it seems to only get better with every release. Their new record Gang Called Speed is their best yet.

7. Number seven is for Inclination and their new record Unaltered Perspective. Couldn’t make a list and not include Louisville. This album delivers front to back. A band that gives you exactly what you want from them but still pushes their sound a little further with every release. Knowing them personally makes me proud to see them create something so meaningful. This will be talked about for a long time.

8. Number eight is the brand new Young brothers band, Deadbody. Scary, creative, and so heavy. Anything they put out is usually good, crazy to see the range of their writing capabilities. Can’t wait to catch this band live. Listen to their new record The Requiem.

9. Killing Pace from Richmond is my number 9. Their new self titled record is some of my favorite style of hardcore. Super fast, super abrasive, and still moshy.

10. Last but not least, Vomit Forth. Their new album Seething Malevolence. Was instantly hooked on this band because of their name. I think it’s awesome. Upon listening the music holds up as well. A lot of death metal revival stuff going on, this is on the groovier side. The vocalist is crazy.

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